Waves of Kilkee

      1. The Blarney Roses

      2. Haunted House/ My Darling asleep/ Blackthorne Stick/ Club Ceili

      3. The Cuillins of Rhum

      4. The Showman´s Fancy/ Rights of Man/ Aggie White´s

      5. Faraway in Australia/ Sophie´s Dancing Feet

      6. The Waves of Kilkee

      7. My Love is in America/ Tommy Peoples/ Jenny Picking Cockles

      8. The Hills of Connemara/ The Wise Maid

      9. Easy and slow

    10. Swallows Tale/ The Peeler´s Jacket/ Green Fields of Rossbeigh

    11. Back home in Derry

    12. Waes me for Prince Charlie

  1. Caledonia (D. McLean)
  2. Off to California / The Sweeps (Hornpipes)
  3. Only our rivers run free
  4. Step it out, Mary
  5. Lilting Fisherman / Tell her I am / Tripping upstairs (Jigs)
  6. Down by the Sally Gardens
  7. Lady Anne Montgomery / The Galway Rambler (Reels)
  8. As I roved out on a bright May morning
  9. Greenfields of America / Shannon Breeze / Cooley's Reel
10. Cliffs of Dooneen
11. The kid on the mountain / Morrison's Jig
12. Parting Glass1

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